Farms & Agriculture

In 2017, many Wisconsin farms almost had to shut down because of a milk trade dispute with Canada.  Having farm experience as a Ranch Hand and Farm Manager, Ty understands the struggles farmers face.  We need to do more to help all Wisconsin farms and prevent things like this from happening.  More needs to be done to keep Wisconsin farms open for business by coming up with creative policies that make things easier for farmers.

2nd Amendment and Natural Resources

Ty has been hunting with his family since the age of 8.  He obtained his Hunter’s Safety Certification in Campbellsport at the age of 12.  Ty has always been an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman.  He has been a member of the NRA since high school and is a strong advocate of our 2nd Amendment rights.  We have the right to keep and bear arms and that shall NOT be infringed.






Representative Jesse Kremer fought for the unborn and Ty will continue the same fight.  Wisconsin’s 20-Week Abortion Ban was an excellent step.  With growing public opinion of abortion declining, further steps can be taken.  Ty will fight for the rights of the unborn and innocent.  We also need to close the market of selling aborted fetal body parts for medical research.  There are other ways to go about this.


There are lots of ideas on how to address our State’s transportation budget shortfalls. Some of the more prominent ideas are increasing the gas tax or initiating tolls. Ty believes there are some things that can be adjusted in the State’s transportation budget before considering either of those options.

Chances are, anyone who travels Highway 23 on a regular basis between Fond du Lac and Plymouth, knows someone who has been involved in an accident on that stretch of heavily traveled highway.  From the late 1990s to today, there have been over 700 accidents and many deaths on that heavily traveled Highway.   We need someone who will fight to speed up the process of the highway’s improvement and obtain funding to save lives by widening Highway 23.


Graduating high school is an exciting and nerve wracking time for students and parents alike.  This can be compounded when students are confused on what they want to do with their lives.  High schools are starting to focus more on the trade training arena, but Ty believes that this should be expanded.  Graduation rates at many of our state tech schools are below 50%.  If more high schoolers had more opportunities to do onsite training and job shadowing in their potential fields of interest, that rate should improve.  We need to do what we can to roll back rules and regulations that prevent high school students from receiving hands on training & job shadowing in places like hospitals and nursing homes among others.  Real life exposure and experiences in a student’s field of interest would encourage them to continue their schooling and to be more successful in their field.

Parents should be able to send their children to whatever school they choose if it is best for their child or their children’s education.  Ty had the opportunity to attend both public and private school from pre-school through high school. Ty is a strong proponent of school choice as it greatly benefitted him growing up.  From pre-school until 4th grade, Ty attended private school while living in Theresa.  Ty’s family moved from Theresa to Fond du Lac in the middle of his 4th grade year but his family was committed to continue his education in the same private school Ty had always attended.  Ty’s parents drove him and his sister 20 minutes to school and back every day and he eventually graduated 8th grade there.  Ty’s parents did this because they wanted to give their children the best education available.  We need to continue to champion our public and private schools in the 59th district and the rest of the state.


Believe it or not, being pro-business and pro-environment can work hand in hand.  Technology is increasing every day making it easier for businesses to become more energy efficient and pro-sustainable energy.  Regardless of your views on climate change, we should all do what we can to preserve our resources for future generations.  In the coming decades, thousands of jobs will become available all over the United States in the renewable resource field.  Wisconsin should be leaders in the areas of sustainable energy and in doing so we can attract good paying jobs to the state.