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St. Cloud –  Candidate, Ty Bodden, is taking a strong personal stance in regards to the standstill highway 23 project.  “Chances are, anyone who travels Highway 23 on a regular basis between Fond du Lac and Plymouth, knows someone who has been involved in an accident on that stretch of heavily traveled highway.  From the late 1990s to today, there have been over 700 accidents and many deaths on that heavily traveled road.   We need someone who will fight to speed up the process of the highway’s improvement to save lives by widening Highway 23 to four lanes,” Bodden stated.  “With a wider and safer highway, people would no longer have to think twice about traveling on 23.  If the project were completed, it would be beneficial for all of the area.  More people would travel from Fond du Lac to Sheboygan and vice versa.”

Many of Wisconsin’s legislators have made similar statements about the highway 23 project.  The project already had funding, but was stopped over three years ago when a federal judge found the Wisconsin Department of Transportation did not present the proper information about how they came up with the data researched for the highway’s expansion.  The environmental group, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, brought the lawsuit on the project, which they claimed as a victory.

“Even though it is a little bit further, many people from the Sheboygan area travel to Green Bay instead of driving to Fond du Lac, hurting the Fond du Lac area economy.  With a safer road, it would be an economic benefit to our area,” Sheboygan County Resident, Jacob Immel explains. “People near highway 23 in the district have to travel that road to get to places like Wisconsin Dells or Madison.  Some could argue that a completed project would be good for interstate tourism.”

Bodden went on to say, “It’s sad that a federal judge and a group of people that are not directly affected by the highway made a decision that has led and will continue to lead to more accidents and deaths on that highway.  I have personally had several friends, coworkers and family members that have been involved in accidents on highway 23.” Bodden conclude, “I am taking this issue personally and I will tirelessly put pressure on our judges and fight to see this project to its completion.”

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