Rep. Ron Tusler Endorses Ty Bodden

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Rep. Ron Tusler Endorses Ty Bodden for the 59th Assembly District

St. Cloud – 3rd District Assemblyman, Ron Tusler, endorses candidate, Ty Bodden, to replace Representative Jesse Kremer for the 59th State Assembly District. The 3rd Assembly district is directly north the of 59th district and it possesses a good portion of the Fox Valley.

Representative Tusler was elected to the Assembly in 2016 and he was the former chairman of the Outagamie County Republican Party. Before being elected to office, Tusler started his own law firm in Appleton and is now ranked within the “Top One Percent” of attorneys by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, he attended UW-Milwaukee, where he student-taught at Bay View High School, Bell Accelerated Middle School, and Westside Head Start. He went on to graduate from Marquette University Law School in 2010.

Representative Tusler stated:

“Ty would be a great addition to the Republican majority.  Ty is a smart, hardworking, honest leader who has the ability to do great service for Wisconsin.  His potential is exciting and I am proud to endorse him as an excellent candidate to receive your vote.

Ty is a smart young leader that could do the job of legislator well.  As a legislator, we need to utilize both our ability to learn new information and utilize information that we already have.  I am confident that Ty will excel.  He has practical knowledge regarding business, farming, and educational life.  Wisconsin is currently a leader in business, farming and education, therefore he will be a great fit.

Wisconsin needs leaders that are humble and hardworking.  Ty will keep his head down and work hard for us.  That is so important.  We do not need more proud politicians that are working for themselves through their seats.  We need people that are working because they love others.  That is what motivates altruistic decision-making that makes Wisconsin better.

One of the attributes that a good legislator must have is honesty.  We need leaders that will tell the truth in a way that makes sense.  Leaders that are happy to explain their thought-process and test it against others that come to different conclusions.   I would be comfortable speaking to Ty about any issue and I would expect him to “do the math” to come up with a reasonable decision.

Ty would make a great state representative for the 59th Assembly District.  He has big shoes to fill after the departure of Jesse Kremer.  But, I expect he will rise to the challenge for the State’s benefit.”

Ty stated, “Representative Tusler’s support means a lot to me.  When it comes to legislation, Ron surpasses many of the veterans in the legislature.  He works hard for his constituents, which should make the state of Wisconsin and his district proud. I’m thankful to have him on my side and I look forward to working with him in the Assembly.”

Ty assisted in Tusler’s campaign in 2016 and has worked on several other campaigns in the area.


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